Perhaps you have wandered here by chance, or were told of this land by a friend. No matter how you arrived here, you must have been intrigued by what you saw - and wanted to know what this was about.

Welcome to the world of NUtopia. This land is Not Utopia. We are a world lost in time, we are the 3rd age of Utopia. Years past, Utopia was a much different game. Before the millenium, that is, 1999, Utopia was different - but the land began to change. And the people became frustrated. And even many who never lived in the ages of old wonder what things were like in those days. So they have journeyed here. And now you have come to see for yourself.

We know nothing of those things called the undead. To be sure, we have our ghosts and zombies, but these are not a nation. They are denizens of the night, not a kingdom such as that of the Dwarves, Elves, or Humans.

In past ages, the people of this world mainly populated the lowlands. We did, however, encounter a race of bird-men, which we call the avians.

Our people, though at times happy and at others disgruntled and upset, always work hard to ensure that our lands are abundant and rich. We know nothing of fickle populations that are always finding something to complain about. Our peasantry is loyal and hardworking, no matter their disposition.

Moreover, we know nothing of the strange invention that gives soldiers the ability to walk on the water. The Avians fly, but the rest of us must use boats to journey by sea. Our thieves have their own way of travel (and we keep it secret, as thievery must be), but our military uses boats - we know of no other way.

Many strange spells have been concocted by the mages of other lands - we know nothing of the spell called paradise, and we do not call meteors down from the sky against our enemies (though this would be a terrifying and effective weapon, to be sure). Similarly, our thieves do not know of those operations 'bribe generals', 'spy on sciences', and the like. There are those so-called "self" spells, but our provinces may cast any spell on another.

We know the elves to be masters of both the magical arts and of war. Their military training is intense, and thus produces specialist soldiers with an edge in combat. The elven elite is the weaker in attack because of this, but in defense, it is strong.

The faeries are the masters of defense. Their elite beastmasters are weak in the attack, but defend their lands ferociously, with the strength of eight ordinary men!

We do not require many mages or thieves per acre of land in order to be effective - to be sure, having several per acre aids in efficient operations, but the raw number of mages or thieves is also a factor in their operations. Our mages and thieves will cease operations when our mana or stealth is halfway used up, and save their efforts for defense. Moreover, our mages and thieves are not a replacement for our military: they do not overshadow it.

Now also, the NUtopian Lords are fairly mild mannered - moreso than they were during Utopia's 3rd age, even. They do not require that you give personal information (although they ask, but do not demand, an email address). Indeed, they even permit people to trade provinces, provided that they first ask for approval. Neither do the Lords make use of advertisements within the world, and "service levels" are unknown to them. Of course, the Lords do not allow multis or cheaters.

There are other differences, but I will leave those for you to discover on your own, either through reading of them or by finding them yourself. I hope you will stay with us and make yourself a home in the world of NUtopia.